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How To Write Cold Emails That Generate Sales Calls?

Updated: May 12, 2022

In B2B generating leads can be really expensive if you focus on advertising (Google Ads, Linkedin Ads...). Cold emails are one of the most effective way to reach out to your prospect and generate sales qualified calls.

“Sales is all about human connections”

Intro personalization is key

When writing cold emails to prospects, it is important that you personalize your intros. This means that you should have an introduction that is tailored to each individual. With the introduction, you should also include why you contacted this person and not any other as it helps you to stand out from the crowd and make your email more memorable. Sales is all about human connections, making a good first impression is crucial!

Prospects do not care about you

It's harsh but true, would you care about an email from somebody you never met before? Probably not... That is the reason why you should focus on what your solution can bring to your prospects. What's in it for your prospect? In other words, you need to know their pain points and explain to them how your solution can solve them. Many marketers make the mistake of focusing on how great their solutions is without considering their prospects needs.

Be brief!

The best cold emails are short and to the point. If you go over 120+ words, chances are you will lose the person’s attention. As mentioned above, focus on your prospect's needs and do not go into too many details about your solution at once. Keep the details for the discovery call.

This is what your email should look like:

  • Personalized Intro (30-37 words max)

  • Problem that your solution can solve (50 - 60 words max)

  • Conclusion (20-25 words)

Create a connection before asking for a call

Asking for a call in the first email is pushy, it can sometimes work but you won't go over 1% interest rate on your campaigns using this approach. Instead try to spark a conversation, sales is all about human connections, you need to break the ice before asking for a call.

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