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Cold Email Basics

Cold emailing is one of the best way to connect with your prospect. It’s direct, very affordable & enables you to choose you connect with. Besides Decision makers are constantly checking their emails which makes it the easiest way to connect with them! That’s how we built our Lead Generation Agency, SalesGent from 0 to 40 clients. (100+ Companies we have worked with)

But with cold emailing popularity being on the rise, many companies & Sales reps see their open rates & reply rates getting lower year over year.

Good news is, Yes, it is still possible to hit 70+% open rate with a 10–15% reply rate if you stand out from the crowd.

This short guide will give you the basics of cold emailing to build a successful campaign, but only your hard work & consistency will make you an expert ;).

Use Several domains

Using several domains is key for email deliverability (aka email landing in the primary tab). ALWAYS use secondary domains for cold email outreach and never use your primary domain. In our experience, it’s best to use .com domains although we have had success with .co .net .biz .info…

If your company’s primary domain is, you can go with secondary domains such as,,…

Create 1 to 3 email accounts per domain.

Warm up these domains

Good reputation is crucial for email deliverability, in order to create a good reputation for your domains, you need to either spend month using them, sending email back and forth to prospects, clients, employees… It takes time to build a reputation.

Or you can use email warm up to build a reputation for your domains effortlessly.

Software such as Lemlist and their warm up service “Lemwarm” offers a great way to warm up your email accounts.

Set up Dkim/ Dmarc & SPF properly

DMARC, DKIM, and SPF are three essential email authentication techniques that work collectively to thwart spammers, phishers, and unauthorized entities attempting to send emails falsely representing a domain they lack ownership of. These measures effectively protect against email fraud and maintain the integrity of domain ownership.

They are part of your DNS records, you can set them up on your domain provider (GoDaddy, Ionos, 1&1, Google…)

You can check this article to get instructions.

Be relevant & concise (Killer offer)

Decision makers are busy and they do not care about you which is why you need to relevant (ie: solve a pain point) and you need to be concise, the whole email needs to be understand in less than 10–15 seconds. If your prospect need to take time to understand your offer, it’s game over.

You need to have a killer offer that is easy to understand and hyper relevant to their position.

For instance, let’s take my company SalesGent, we are a lead generation agency & book calls with qualified decision makers for our clients. A way to be relevant & solve a pain point is to target a company actively looking for a SDR. They need more sales, they have a budget, our service is perfect for them.


Cold emails is a great way to generate 10–30 qualified leads/ month for your business provided that you do it the right way.

To further improve your outreach, you can look into email personalization for instance which refers to personalizing each of your email based on your prospect’s Linkedin activity, company’s website, company’s activity…

If you are interested to learn more about our methodology at SalesGent and how we book 20+ Leads/ month for our clients, feel free to book a call with me !

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