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6 Tips For B2B Email Prospecting

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Many businesses struggle with prospecting. In this article, we will go through 6 tips that you can apply to significantly improve your results and fill your pipeline with juicy leads.

One of the best ways to reach out to your prospects is still through email, this is a very effective way of connecting with decision-makers, provided your offer is relevant to them that it is done properly.

“Good sales representatives can get up to 10 calls/week if they master email marketing”

1. Choose the right person

One of the most important things in B2B email marketing is your audience. Make sure that your offer is relevant to their business and that you are contacting the right decision-maker. This tip can seem basic but B2B email marketing is all about precision. No mass emailing please!

2. Always personalize your email

Personalization is key when you reach out to your prospects for the first time. The first 2 lines should explain why you want to connect with them. This should be concise and customized.

3. Highlight the value your solution could provide

Most people make the mistake of talking to much about their business, like if they were talking to someone already interested. In cold B2B emailing, you need to pique the reader's interest, and this can not be done by talking about you, you should rather focus on the prospects. Prospects only care about the value your solution could bring to them. So make sure you highlight your prospect's pain points and how you can solve them.

4. Write short emails

When it comes to email marketing, the shorter the better. Your email should be impactful but short so that people can read it through within 15 seconds. Decision-makers are always busy and have limited time to read your email, a good rule is to stay below 100 words and be very clear, if your email is too complicated, you will not get any response.

5. Headlines matters

Headlines are key for open rate, a good headline should draw attention, but it should never be clickbait. A good headline can be short or long, but if you choose to go for the longer headlines, make sure you are very precise.

One example of a headline that generated a 60% open rate for an HR consulting company: "Firstname, Improve Staff Satisfaction At Work"

6. Follow-up

Follow-ups are very important, you could never expect to sell your solution with only one email. We found the best sequences are composed of five emails. Your follow-ups should always be short and provide additional information, do not repeat yourself.

If you follow these 6 rules, you should be able to improve your open & response rate. Good sales representatives can get up to 10 calls/week if they master email marketing. If you want to know more about our prospecting methodology, you can schedule a 30 min demo of our solution.

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